Tech Articles

These are writeups by club members on modifications, projects, discoveries, failures, etc.  Enjoy!

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Airing Down: How to make an "Air Snake" for filling or airing down all 4 tires at once, 223K Doc Elliott Dec 25, 2004
Instructions for replacing the High Pressure Oil Pump O-rings on 7.3L Ford PowerStroke Diesel 185K Doc Elliott Aug 1, 2005
Replacing the Cabin Air Filter on a 1999 Honda Accord Doc Elliott Nov 25, 2005
Building an El-Cheapo Compressed Air Dryer 178K Doc Elliott Jan 8, 2007
How to Repair a Warn Winch Controller Cable without spending $50 on a new one 131K Doc Elliott Dec 22, 2007
How to replace the Rear Power Window Relay in a 1st gen 4runner with something that will work and can bypass all those various interlocks. Doc Elliott Feb 25, 2008

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